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“Ice Cream” You Scream

OK- So I’m embarrassed to admit that 2 years ago I bought an ice cream maker because I told myself “I really needed it and would make ice cream all summer…” Well 2 years later I decided to break in my machine and give it a whirl (literally). While the actual concoction of the recipe I came up with was a piece of cake to make, the assembling of my machine was unfortunately its own task. After reading the manual at least 15 times i finally attempted to give it a try… It worked!! and the Vegan Ice Cream was everything I had hoped it would come out to be! I sort of put together a bunch of different recipes that I had into one, but you can really switch up the ice cream flavor to your own personal taste and cravings. I was in a pretty basic mood so I made Vanilla Chocolate Chip. Whether you are vegan or not this ice cream makes for a delicious totally guilt free cold treat on a hot day, so ENJOY! and remember get creative substitute the choc. chips for fruit, or nuts, and if you’re feeling crazy sometimes I add 1/2 cup cocoa powder for a dark chocolate flavor.
Vanilla Chocolate Chip Vegan Ice Cream:
1 Cup Vanilla Almond Breeze (or soy or rice milk whatever you prefer)
1 Cup Coconut Milk Creamer
1/2 Cup Maple Syrup
1 tsp. Vanilla Extract
1/2 Block of Tofu (make sure it is very well drained of the water, otherwise the ice cream will turn out icy and not creamy)
Step 1: Blend the tofu before placing it into the ice cream maker to ensure that the ice cream will be smooth and not chunky (ew), I used an immersion blender.
Step 2: After blending tofu, combine all ingredients into your ice cream maker and follow your machine directions!
Step 3: Place in freezer immediately and ENJOY!




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Hangawi Heaven!


Let me start by saying I have a really great husband. I do not mean that in a bratty way at all! What I mean is this:
My husband is a serious and hard core carnivore. I know, you’re probably thinking WTF??? The writer of a blog called “Vegan Green Life” is married to a man that loves meat??!! Sounds weird trust me I think about that a lot. But hey we’re all our own people so lets love everyone for who they are- meat lovers or not. Anyway, I’ll stop rambling. So the reason my husband, who’s name lets call him ‘Giggles’ cause hes got a pretty cute laugh. So Giggles has managed to really and truly embrace Vegan life. Pretty rockin’ I know… For my birthday he surprised me and made resos for us at a Vegan Restaurant called
Hangawi. I read all about Hangawi a few years ago on a website DailyCandy and later on read about it again in my absolute faveeee veg restaurant resource book called Clean Plates. Anyway, it  sounded very cool because the description of it said that you must remove your shoes upon entering and that you sit on the floor (its wayyy more comfy than it sounds, I swear). I was pretty psyched when Giggles told me we were going there because I never could have imagined him remembering my mention of this restaurant over a yr ago. He totally remembered and we had a fab time. I highly recommend it to anyone/everyone. The ambiance was great, the staff were super sweet and the Sake was UHmayyzingg, it came in a huge bowl with a ladle so it was even fun refilling your cup! To start we ordered the Black Bean Dumplings and lets just say Giggles loved them so much he ordered a second order of them before the mains even came! For my main dish I ordered the Grilled Eggplant in chili sauce and it was really amazing and the portion was so huge I barely finished half of the dish. Giggles ordered the Mushroom sizzler on a stone plate it was unreal ( if you love mushrooms). For dessert we had a delish Tofu Cheesecake with a candle for me to blow out ; ) The service was truly a pleasure from start to finish the staff had a smile on their face. For my Birthday our waitress had me stand up and put on a Korean robe and hat while they all sang “Happy Birthday” I was quite embarrassed but truly a fabulous experience! Recommend this place to anyone looking for a different and unique Vegan dining experience! A Hidden Gem!

                                                          The DEEEEElish ‘cheesecake’

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Lets Get Stahhted Boys and Girls…

So, after much contemplation I have finally decided to enter Blog life. I’ve hesitated for a very long time because I am SO NOT a writer so for all you English majors please hold back from correcting my posts- Much appreciated! xxx
Why did I decide to finally blog? Well, because I figure why not write about what I live everyday. I have been Vegan for 7 and a half years (Yeah, I know i sound like a 3 year old with the half counting).

I want to make a place for all us Vegans and even you Non Vegans to get together and share vegan cooking, health, new products that hit the market and new environmentally friendly and what I like to refer to as “Green Life Products”

When I talk about something as being for “The Green Life” it basically means a few things;
1. It benefits our environment in one way or another
2. It’s healthy
And last but not least,
3. It makes you feel good, and face it we all like to feel good…


Before I get into my real posting of the topics I want to share with you all I’ll tell you a little about myself so you can get to know who the writer is that you are reading.
I like to think of myself as a Vegan Chef minus the education from Natural Gourmet Institute. I know that’s kind of a reach but I always feel why do I need the schooling when I live my life teaching myself how to cook these foods? Maybe it sounds like the easy way out but for me I simply can’t justify going back to school to learn how to cook vegan when everyday in my kitchen in essence I’m ‘learning’ this. I work like any other chef would, putting together Vegan menus, events, and dinner parties for many different people and enjoy every second of it. I ALWAYS use strictly whole and all natural ingredients and all animal free!
Hence the business name I chose, “Strictly Vegan”. So now that you know enough about me lets get talking about Vegan Life!!

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