Lets Get Stahhted Boys and Girls…

So, after much contemplation I have finally decided to enter Blog life. I’ve hesitated for a very long time because I am SO NOT a writer so for all you English majors please hold back from correcting my posts- Much appreciated! xxx
Why did I decide to finally blog? Well, because I figure why not write about what I live everyday. I have been Vegan for 7 and a half years (Yeah, I know i sound like a 3 year old with the half counting).

I want to make a place for all us Vegans and even you Non Vegans to get together and share vegan cooking, health, new products that hit the market and new environmentally friendly and what I like to refer to as “Green Life Products”

When I talk about something as being for “The Green Life” it basically means a few things;
1. It benefits our environment in one way or another
2. It’s healthy
And last but not least,
3. It makes you feel good, and face it we all like to feel good…


Before I get into my real posting of the topics I want to share with you all I’ll tell you a little about myself so you can get to know who the writer is that you are reading.
I like to think of myself as a Vegan Chef minus the education from Natural Gourmet Institute. I know that’s kind of a reach but I always feel why do I need the schooling when I live my life teaching myself how to cook these foods? Maybe it sounds like the easy way out but for me I simply can’t justify going back to school to learn how to cook vegan when everyday in my kitchen in essence I’m ‘learning’ this. I work like any other chef would, putting together Vegan menus, events, and dinner parties for many different people and enjoy every second of it. I ALWAYS use strictly whole and all natural ingredients and all animal free!
Hence the business name I chose, “Strictly Vegan”. So now that you know enough about me lets get talking about Vegan Life!!


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