Hangawi Heaven!


Let me start by saying I have a really great husband. I do not mean that in a bratty way at all! What I mean is this:
My husband is a serious and hard core carnivore. I know, you’re probably thinking WTF??? The writer of a blog called “Vegan Green Life” is married to a man that loves meat??!! Sounds weird trust me I think about that a lot. But hey we’re all our own people so lets love everyone for who they are- meat lovers or not. Anyway, I’ll stop rambling. So the reason my husband, who’s name lets call him ‘Giggles’ cause hes got a pretty cute laugh. So Giggles has managed to really and truly embrace Vegan life. Pretty rockin’ I know… For my birthday he surprised me and made resos for us at a Vegan Restaurant called
Hangawi. I read all about Hangawi a few years ago on a website DailyCandy and later on read about it again in my absolute faveeee veg restaurant resource book called Clean Plates. Anyway, it  sounded very cool because the description of it said that you must remove your shoes upon entering and that you sit on the floor (its wayyy more comfy than it sounds, I swear). I was pretty psyched when Giggles told me we were going there because I never could have imagined him remembering my mention of this restaurant over a yr ago. He totally remembered and we had a fab time. I highly recommend it to anyone/everyone. The ambiance was great, the staff were super sweet and the Sake was UHmayyzingg, it came in a huge bowl with a ladle so it was even fun refilling your cup! To start we ordered the Black Bean Dumplings and lets just say Giggles loved them so much he ordered a second order of them before the mains even came! For my main dish I ordered the Grilled Eggplant in chili sauce and it was really amazing and the portion was so huge I barely finished half of the dish. Giggles ordered the Mushroom sizzler on a stone plate it was unreal ( if you love mushrooms). For dessert we had a delish Tofu Cheesecake with a candle for me to blow out ; ) The service was truly a pleasure from start to finish the staff had a smile on their face. For my Birthday our waitress had me stand up and put on a Korean robe and hat while they all sang “Happy Birthday” I was quite embarrassed but truly a fabulous experience! Recommend this place to anyone looking for a different and unique Vegan dining experience! A Hidden Gem!

                                                          The DEEEEElish ‘cheesecake’


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    schwekye said,

    what a name for a carnivore…giggles?
    in any case, great blog and i look forward to all the great info you will be giving us all…sounds interesting?
    must i like tofu to enjoy the blog. i hope not ’cause i hate tofu!!
    lloking forward to your next post… and ne sure to keep giggles giigling!

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