Peaches Peaches Peaches!

I just got home from the Farmers Market on Second Ave. and E.10th in NYC and wowwwww they had suchhhhh gawgeous fruit today!! The Blueberries were bright blue hard and nice sizes but the fruit I’m most excited for are the PEACHES I bought! I love love a cold juicy peach more then any fruit. For some reason to me a fresh cold peach is summer. The reason I love catching a great Fresh Farmers Market in NYC is because there is NOTHING like fresh, local produce picked from the farms right in our tri-state area. The fruits and veggies today were picked from two farms, one just over the Hudson River in New Jersey, and the other right out in Long Island! It makes me so happy to know that what I’m going to eat didn’t sit in some nasty smelly huge truck in the heat of summer driving from Florida or even way further, not to mention all the chemicals needed to preserve the fruit being transported in those sorts of conditions!

Anywayyyyy….. part of why I Love Summer is because there are so many more Farmers Markets around then in the winter! YAYYYYY! : )


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  1. 1

    schwekye said,

    the peaches do look gawgeous!!
    my suggestion is to grill them on the BBQ and serve hot with a scoop of Vanilla ice cream on top!
    Noe what’s the way to enjoy fruit!
    thanks for the heads up on the farmers market. is there a site i can go to to get the schedule for it?

  2. 2

    ASchwek said,

    MMM grilled with some VEGAN coconut milk ice cream- now were talking!
    Heres the site you can go to and see a full schedule of Farmers Markets, they also have them outside of Manhattan in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and more! and click on “market listing and schedule”

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