Summer Sangria

Sangria has got to be my all time favorite summer drink. I fell in love with it a few summers ago mostly because I enjoyed making it so much. Call me crazy but something about cutting fresh fruit is therapeutic to me, maybe its the way it smells or maybe it’s because I know its going to be sitting in alcohol (Mmmmm) Anyway, I have to admit my Sangria is pretty famous. I’m going to attempt giving the ‘recipe’ but if you know anything about me you know that recipes and I do not mix well. I don’t believe in following recipes, I use them basically as my guideline for the ingredients that I need to use but I NEVER EVER follow the exact measurements.

Here goes: (keep in mind use whatever fruits you like and whatever is local and in season that way you get the best tasting fruit)

2 Bottles of red wine, the cheaper the better. I use one bottle called ‘Sangria’ by a brand ‘Santonia’  and the other bottle i use is Kedem Light Concord (again, use any cheap wine you have)

1/2 cup Bacardi Gold Rum (shhh…this is the secret of my sangria the absolute most crucial part don’t skip it!)

1 cup Pellegrino

1 container of blueberries halved

1 1/2 Driscoll size container of strawberries dice into small slices

*save 4-5 strawberries leave them whole, take them into your hand and squeeze them into the pitcher you will be using for sangria. This saves you having to use orange juices or other sugar sweetened juices, strawberries are sweet enough!

Put all the fruit into a pitcher and pour the rum over the fruit, let stand 15 minutes so the fruit can macerate in the rum.

Pour in the wine and mix it up! Right before you’re ready to serve pour in the Pellegrino.

The key is to serve chilled, garnish with mint leaves! I’m out of fresh mint so mine is missing that pretty garnish 😦

Have a great weekend and make sure you hydrate with water in between!!  😉


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